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123movies was once the largest website to watch movies online free, but unfortunately it was closed due to its questionable legality. Since then there have been several attempts to resurrect it. Most have been thwarted, some have survived but have not lived up to the original, but it appears the admins of the original 123movies have come up with a newer, better version at 123movies.trade.

What makes this new movie streaming website better than the original? There’s a multitude of reasons, starting with the new layout and design. Navigating to find a great movie or TV series has most definitely been improved with more options to find something you’ll love to watch, rather than just searching. Often movie watchers will run out of content to watch that they are already aware of. The new website has multiple ways to find something new to watch that’s right up the viewers alley. Whether you use the movies and TV series listing pages, with tons of sorting options, or the dashboard that has various popular ways to find something to watch.

Registering improves the experience greatly. With options to create your own list of movies and TV shows to watch, pick up where you left watching any movie or episode, and less advertisements, it definitely improves the experience. The best part: registration is 100% free and easy and only requires that you validate the email address you signed up with. From our personal experience, it does not appear that they spam your email with anything other than updates and notifications regarding your 123movies account.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to register, you can watch free still without registration, however you’ll be missing out on some valuable benefits. The UI/UX will be slightly different for those that choose to not log in, a bit more mundane, but still one of the best layouts we’ve seen in the world of online streaming. You’ll also see more advertisements, but if you’re concerned about privacy this is still the best option.

The selection of movies and TV series is still limitless. It’s hard to find any title that is not available to watch, and almost all of the content is high quality and loads fast and streams smooth. They’ve also added an update button for those times when a source may not be available, this appears to quickly crawl the internet looking for more video sources for you to watch whatever you want. This is not 100% effective for all content, but from what we’ve seen most of the popular/mainstream titles, this gets sources for.

This is definitely the top spot to watch movies online, and it’s all in super HD quality, with limited advertisements. We’ve scoured the internet and can’t find a better site to stream whatever you want. The search is over, get your favorite site to watch movies online back today! Let us know what you think after you try it out in the comments, and please feel free to be as honest as possible.

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